Monday, 12 May 2014

Behind The Pencil

What and Who I am

I am Danielle, An aspiring Artist/Illustrator, Fashion Design Graduate, Small town girl, Single Mother of one, on an up hill struggle fighting with the obstacles and stresses of every day life Fuelling all my negative and positive energy into painting and creativity.
I especially enjoy doing portraits but want to take my artwork farther afield and start exploring new ways to express my artistic emotions. I am going to use this blog as a step by step guide allowing people into my thoughts and processes behind my work and to also give me something to look back on to improve my skills.
I am seeking out my dreams, Striving toward a better way of life, I am using all my heart and soul to not just exist but to live! I ask my self what cant be achieved? With my spirit, my drive and my sheer determination, My answer is.......I can achieve anything!

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